Friday, September 26, 2008

September and Christmas Music

Fall has officially arrived, which in any other part of the country would mean crisp cool air, a gorgeous parade of leaves as they start to fall from the trees, dusting off your favorite sweater, high school football games, apple cider and enjoying cooler weather. I actually miss the changing of seasons. I feel like I am missing an important signal that a new season is being ushered in. I have always loved fall and the symbolism of plenty, the harvest, gratitude and the onset of the Holiday Season.

Growing up in South Dakota fall meant beautiful Indian summer days, cool crisp nights and the turning of the leaves. My favorite tree is the Sugar Maple with brilliant shades of reds, golds and yellows. To this day there stands the most beautiful Sugar Maple on the corner of Phillips Avenue and 33rd Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I use to drive by that tree everyday and use to think....what a work of art. The huge branches seem to reach out to me and whisper...slow down and enjoy....I still take that drive everyday and imagine the grandeur of that tree this time of the year.

So tonight as I blog...I turned on tranquil Christmas music and feel my mind flood with such sweet memories and feelings of why the season of fall is so important to me. When I take an inventory of my life, family, experiences, blessings and opportunities its hard not to take pause and feel my heart flood with gratitude. I have been blessed with 4 really amazing human beings whom I am blessed to call my children. I am so very proud of them. Each one has been blessed with amazing gifts, talents and an enthusiasm for life, living and running after their dreams. It's so fun to watch them grow and know I have had a small part in their lives. One of the great blessings of motherhood....watching your children grow, experience the ups and downs, the love and tears and have the courage to pursue their dreams. A gift. I am also taking inventory on grand dogs....we have 5. Griffin and Jackie have (2), Cori and Brett have (2) and Kylie has (1). No grand babies...just grand dogs........

I have been blessed with great friends. Life long friends who have walked beside me during my darkest hours and have been so very present for my accomplishments, defining moments and a great big belly laugh. One of my dearest friends is Laura Robinson, she lives in Salt Lake City. I have always admired her drive, accomplishments, passion for life, willingest to take risks and her successes. She is generous, kind, honest and we are kindred spirits. There is never a judgement only encouragement. She has wiped many a tear away, helped me see the possibilities in myself when I was ready to give up. She is always cheering me on. I was blessed to meet another great friend in Stacy Beckstead who lives outside of Seattle. She is another noble soul who has a passion for life, motherhood, grand motherhood, a great red nail polish...and travel. Stacy is another who never judges..only encourages. We have been blessed to stay connected to each other... our plan is to all live in California one an assisted living center so we can live out our days laughing and being girls.

I have been blessed with great friends in Mesa as well. There is something very wonderful about girls, dinner and 70's music we all appreciate. Sadly as time passes there are more single women about. I say only sadly because no one wants to see their family broken....on the other hand.....just think what the world could accomplish if everyone of us had a great wife at home.....there would be world peace, no divorce, stocked pantry's, spotless laundry rooms and literally no child left behind.... ha ha's just a thought....

I am grateful for the gift of family. Family in my opinion is the greatest source of strength and happiness but can be the greatest source of frustration at times also. I guess this could be what the Lord meant when he said...."There must needs be opposition is all things".... and this too shall give thee experience.

Its Friday night....tonight there are no football games I will be going to, no real crisp air to talk about...(That is coming next week), no pulling out my sweater tonight.....However there is Christmas music playing....candles burning and a feeling of gratitude as I take inventory of all of my blessings.....


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