Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Belly Laughs.....

I have had the best couple of weeks...the minutes, hours and days have been filled with such opportunity and positive energy. I have been blessed with amazing friends. Girlfriends who are treasures...the kind of friends who are always within reach and always in touch. This past week end was a great example of ~Girlfriend Time~...getting together with friends I love. I have come to appreciate the power of laughter....not just laughter but BELLY LAUGHING...those moments when your eyes begin to water and you can't control the moment...you just laugh and laugh and laugh...until your belly let's you know....that is the most exercise your abs have had in months...

I have been blessed with a great sense of humor and positive attitude. I prefer to look on the bright side...the silver lining side, the glass half full side, the greener side of the grass....side. I have found I like to surround myself with friends who also choose to take the road less traveled....versus the path of least resistance, those who live on the sunny side of the street.

I also have come to appreciate the law of physics that says....you get what you give. I have been blessed with humbling experiences of forgiveness, courage and the strength to endure. Its no surprise we reap the seeds we sow. How many times have I been blessed with the opportunity to go back to apologize to someone I have offended, get the second chance to make that first great impression. Some would call it luck.....I call it personal growth and being in tune. Spiritually in tune to know when those precious teaching moments come my way...A chance for me to improve...to let go of hard feelings, a chance to empathize with an other's point of view, a chance to draw closer to my Savior. A chance to stop and savor the incredible moments in my life.

Monday evening after dinner with friends, Kylie, Ethan and I went to see Grandma Mannes. She was thrilled to see us. We had a couple of great belly laughs....we all gathered around Grandma and listened to her stories of her youth...as her memory continues to fade...we smile as we listen to the same stories...those times in her life that stand out as treasured memories...Grandma recounts the family vacations to Yellowstone. How much she loved to travel with her family. Her Grandmothers and spending time in Ogden with them. When it comes right down to it.....each of us are busy gathering those treasured memories that we will carry with us ....through our life and our life to come.... will we look back with regret wishing we had lived more and feared less...maybe even wishing we had belly laughed more....or live with such gratitude we are fearless about showing love, kindness, forgiveness and always looking for that sunny side of the street.

As I look around me I am grateful for the challenges that are mine. I am so grateful for goodly parents, my mothers courage not only raising me in the gospel but allowing me to share in this very difficult time in her life as she endures to the end. I am grateful for the optimistic heart I was blessed with...the ability to smile, laugh and carry on. I am so grateful for my strength of spirit....I am so very proud of my life's accomplishments....my children..who are my greatest legacy...I am grateful for those good souls who have loved my children and helped me in raising them. I am grateful for defining moments of courage in which I see those areas in my life I can improve...I am most grateful that I merited the opportunity to come down to this earth to gain my physical body, gain life experience, understand the power of agency, feel loved and be able to love those around me.

I am very grateful for those who love me unconditionally, those who have given me support and a shoulder when I have needed it, those who have been willing participants to share in my life.

I am most grateful...for the feeling of joy....which in turn.....is Belly Laughs...


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