Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming......The 1st Big Date.....

There are many milestone in a mother's life. There is that first blessed event of learning that you are going to have a times those days and months turn into years and wondering if the Lord really knew what he was asking of us.....then with all of the energy you can muster..just one more push......and then the little miracle appears on the scene...all I ever cared about was having a healthy baby...10 fingers, 10 toes and the final thumbs up from my doctor letting me know everything was well. Then as if your baby did come with instructions the most magical journey begins....with that little smile, a little goo.....that first roll over, sitting up, crawling and then walking. Running, riding a bike, collecting all kinds of wild life and friends its as if....the evolution is a blueprint of how creation really is intended to work....The child like qualities of faith, unconditional love, dreams, enthusiasm, passion and just plain believing that Santa Clause is coming and he is bring you everything on your list.

Last night I took the journey of a lifetime with my youngest son Ethan. He attended his first "Homecoming". This amazing little son of mine has grown into an amazing young man. Ethan is delightful. He chose his homecoming attire, the perfect corsage for his date, and planned the activity after the dance with such thought and precision. Reminded me of my daughters and how finding the perfect outfit for a big date became an event. We had a wonderful time shopping...laughing and then the dress rehearsal....He looked smashing.....His date was a beautiful girl named, Carolyn. The two of them together looked like Prince Charming and Cinderella.

After the dance my dear friend Lisa opened her home for the kids to come over hang out playing Rock Band, Movies and of course her world famous Swedish Crepes.....and they all came. Ethan confided in me with a huge hug and kiss the evening was perfect. The perfect first date....I am so grateful for the sweet relationships I have with all of my children....last night was just icing on the giant cake of motherhood for me. How cool that my son and his friends would come over and spend time with Lisa and myself. Its one of the most treasured moments as a mother...when your children not only see you as a mother, but a cherished friend, passionate supporter and the Kool Aid mom...The mom who kids accept as being an ok adult to hang out with.....

The evening is now past....just a wonderful memory in Ethan's book of life. Only one of many perfect evenings, perfect dates and great friends. I am profoundly grateful he was willing to share his big moment with me. There will be photo's to mark the event.....but no greater mark than was left upon my heart.

Life's magical moments...that are once in a lifetime..Moments so dear it would cause a mother to stop and ponder these precious feelings in her heart.


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cealbers said...

I remember my first high school dance....i had to sit in a chair the whole night because I had burned my legs so bad...after all these years not much has changed still doing damage to my legs (five stiches later....) but i have survived much in part to you always being there when i have had my accidents....thank you for that and for being the type of mom that would put hot towles on my cold feet in the dead of are truly a wonder woman, and a great mom
I love you