Monday, October 27, 2008

It all Depends.....

I had the opportunity to take my mom to church with me Sunday. Ethan went over to pick her up..she was excited and waiting outside. She had mentioned to Kylie and I during our visit Saturday she wanted to run away, she wanted to have something to look forward to, getting out, visiting, going to lunch. It was almost as if she was telling us. "I want to feel normal again, return to my old life of family, friends and routine if only for a little while..."

It was our Primary program. As we sat in the back pew, my mom commented as Haley, Maddy, Jackson and Jake all walked by to take their places on the stand. I smiled as I explained that Haley, Maddy, Jackson and Jake (who are my sister Sara's children) were not in my ward and they were not on the stand. Why say anything? But my cute mom was just sure it was Haley on the stand helping to narrate the program. As the children began to sing so did my mom. Ethan and I smiled as she sang with everything she had and those around me smiled as well. She remembered every word and knew every song. After 45 minutes she made up her mind she needed to go to the bathroom. I reminded her she was wearing depends and she wouldn't have to get up. Bless my mother's heart. She decided she was going...up she went, grabbing her walker and heading towards the exit. I grabbed my purse and off we went. In the bathroom she decided her depends was on backwards and she wanted it taken off and put back on the right way.....After 4 times of trying to put her depends back on ...every which way but sideways....she was very unhappy with me, she was down right mad...She told me I was wrong and I found the midst of a battle I was never going to win. As I patiently tried to explain the front from the back. To no avail. I knew right then and there I was not going to win the battle of the depends. She was right...after all it all depends on how we choose to look at life.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes. Once again my mother was teaching me an invaluable life lesson....another treasured moment. As I looked into her eyes I saw her frustration. My mom has always been fiercely independent, very successful, never choosing to complain and always willing and able to serve those around her. I thought how her life has declined in the past year. Most of the change is dramatic and life changing. I took my mom by the hand and conceded she was right....with a smile and all depends how you look at it. She found the humor in my play on words and we both laughed....washed our hands and she decided she was ready to go.

Much like life, most situations are defined by the way we choose to see things. It depends on how we feel, could be the day, the hour, an unwelcome comment, stress or....depending on how we are could be the most amazing day, experience, conversation, break through, discovery or moment of growth.

I received a call from Parker Smith regarding his farewell and reception. Parker is such a sweet young man, his mother had been a great friend who passed away this past April after a courageous battle with cancer. I asked Parker about his temple experience...and what it was like passing through the veil....he shared with me the over whelming feeling of his mother's spirit...he knew she was with him every step of the way. What an amazing mother Cyd was....and her legacy will be great as she raised righteous children.

In our family we have made the effort to take a daily inventory of our blessings. We take a Gratitude moment and share with each other what we are individually grateful for. As Kylie and I drove home...our list was overflowing.....we have been very blessed.....on every front.

My mom was right, it all depends on how we chose to look at it.

Thanks Mom....we love you!


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