Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Wasatch Front.....

Fall Break surrounded by gorgeous fall leaves, the majestic mountains of the Wasatch Front and waking Sunday morning to huge snowflakes blanketing the ground....does it get any better than this? I would dare to say absolutely not. It was quiet an adventure taking the kids and spending our fall break up north. In July I was talking to my dear friend Laura when she said....come up for fall break....we would have a blast. Ethan and Kylie agreed so into motion our get away was planned. Ethan and I drove up and enjoyed every minute of our travels. Not only was the scenery captivating the conversation between mother and son was memorable. The leaves on the trees were indescribably brilliant with hues of red, orange, yellow and gold. We were experiencing fall in all of her splendor, crisp air, gorgeous leaves and snow capped mountain peaks. Laura's home is exceptional....complete with breath taking landscaping, deer running through her yard, a panoramic view of the Salt Lake Valley....her home is a sanctuary to all. Photo's of our Utah experience forth coming.....

Kylie flew up Thursday evening, she had a date Friday evening and for the BYU Homecoming football game on Saturday. It was fun shopping for the perfect outfit and accessories for her..

We spent time together and we spent time apart. My time up North was chicken soup for my soul....there is something wonderful about spending time with old dear friends....I have been blessed not only with great friends whom I admire but friendships that have endured the test of time, distance and life's defining moments. Laura and I always see a couple of friends for lunch....take in some shopping and drive the streets of Salt Lake looking for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood....We compare the architecture, landscaping and unique qualities of each home...its a hobby we enjoy.

I have always loved the Wasatch Front...since my early days of traveling to Utah. There is a feeling of safety in the mountains for me. Memories of being a young mother came flooding back ....driving by the hospital were each of my children were born, seeing the Jordan River Temple illuminated in the west valley like a beacon drawing you near. Bumping into old friends, frequenting favorite restaurants and shopping hot spots. Driving through areas that use to be..farmland....now are very developed office buildings and strip malls. 27 years has past since I first ventured out west.... One thing is a constant it was amazing to see the snow...I felt the most festive I have felt in years on Sunday morning when I woke up to a winter wonderland......its funny how snow makes me feel like Christmas...like all is right with the world.

I am so grateful I was able to travel with safety and that my children had an exceptional time seeing family and friends....I am grateful we were able to share memorable conversations about life and relationships. I am blessed.

I stopped in to visit with my mom tonight....She was thrilled to see me. She was quick to offer a hug and kiss as she whispered in my ear.....so good to see you, I have missed you...and I love you...We talked about the Wasatch front....her growing up in Ogden...Grama Boyington's porch swing....and the summers in Yellowstone. We had a wonderful visit of old times and memories....I love my mom...and am so grateful for the example she set and raising me to persevere through life...to never give up....to be strong...It is through my mother's awesome example I am where I am today. She has been a cornerstone even in those times I couldn't appreciate her point of view.

Thank you mom....for everything....every talent you helped me develop and every fear you helped me over come. I want you to know....I know the best is yet to be....


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