Sunday, January 18, 2009


I was asked by a friend at church today if I was going to update my blog.....Thank Heaven's I have such great friends. There has been so much life that has transpired since my last entry in November. There was a great week end spend at James Ray in Las Vegas. His Harmonic Wealth Week end was amazing. I love the book "The Secret" and James Ray was one of the big contributors which was very cool. I took in every minute and learned a lot about my past, my present and my incredible future.

Thanksgiving came and ushered in the official start of the Holidays. I have so much in my heart to share regarding the Holidays and the precious moments I was able to share with my children. As I look back on my adult life, I have been so blessed to be able to raise my 4 really nice kids. I have been there, we have shared laughs, tears, many Kodak moments, dances, weddings, graduations, milestones that only occur once, maybe twice is you are lucky....I have been blessed to present, to be here and share in those moments that are precious and short. I am so very grateful my children invite me back. I reflected back to the early years of being a young today as my children are grown. The time has been so very short...but so profoundly meaningful. I have grown as a woman, mother and friend...I have learned to not sweat the small stuff so much...and trust in the fact..everything really does work out for our best. The hand of Divinity is constantly encouraging me through small but significant nudges on my shoulder.

Christmas was so special this year. We were able to spend a lot of time together..long talks, dinners, movies, shopping, wrapping presents, parties and get togethers. I spent time with friends I love...listening to Christmas music that warms my heart, wrapping the perfect gifts, decorating our home and of course watching our favorite Christmas Movies which seem to be more meaningful every year. It's hard not to watch It's a Wonderful Life and not reflect on my own George Baily moments and yet every time I hear a bell ring...I know another Angel gets their wings. My heart knows the difference between stuff and meaningful gifts of the heart.

The new year offers new opportunities...a realm of infinite possibilities for relationships, love, business and red carpet walks. My heart is full, my cup runneth over and the universe is mine to explore. Watch me create.....and bring my life into being.


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Lauri said...

I'm glad I encouraged you to write a new I need to do this weekly? Anyway, this was a good reminder to acknowledge the many blessings in our lives. Thanks!

And what is this talk about a red carpet walk? Can I get in on this? :)