Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great 2009

Dateline: Friday March 27, 2009.....Phone call from Cori Albers...I knew the minute I heard my daughters voice something was different, exciting and newsworthy. "Mom.....I am pregnant" Oh my.....I found my thoughts rushing back to the day I found out I was pregnant with Cori I was just thrilled I was going to have a baby.....The great expectations....sharing such wonderful news with our families....and then the 9 month count down. I was just thrilled.....What Fabulous News! I am going to be a Grandmother....for the first time.

Cori and Brett's good news...brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on my own journey..Oh how 24 years has flown by....Those days of Osh Kosh By Gosh and Esprit dresses, hair bows, everything pink for my little princess only to find out...she really loved her superman pj's and cape more than the crown. Cori will be an amazing mother. She has such a huge capacity to love and nurture. She is such a good homemaker and she has such a great support in Brett. My little daughter has taken that most important step in life.....Having a Baby....Their lives will never be the same....their lives will be filled with wonder, excitement, anticipation and blessings. Brett and Cori cannot even begin to imagine the emotions, tender feelings and blessings that will flow into their home. Those fat little fingers and toes, that amazing baby smell that will flood their, blue, green, yellow.....sugar, spice and everything nice.

The next months will bring great changes, extraordinary feelings of wonder as your little one takes shape and starts to prepare for their arrival. Some days you will feel sick, most days so tired, everyday you will feel divine intervention as the miracle of pregnancy starts to unfold.

Time has passed very quickly....It's now your turn be a first time mommy. Oh how lucky your little one is. You and Brett will be fine parents, you are an amazing team. I am so proud of you both.

November will be a month of great expectations. We love you Cori and Brett...and baby.....

Hang in there will soon be with Brett, settling into a new world and new life. I love you so much and am there with you.....


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Wendy Noel said...

Hey Carla, this is Wendy Noel. We are quite excited about Cori. Amazing!!! I'm sure the baby will be beautiful like Cori is. It is fun to read your blogs. Tell Kylie and Ethan hello!!