Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday May 3, 1985......

It started as a very normal day...over cast in the Salt Lake Valley actually raining with that spring chill in the air. I was expecting my second baby towards the end of the month. I was feeling tired and very pregnant, what a great day to stay in and curl up with a good book. Then my day took a most interesting turn...contractions started cause for concern was with the intensity and minutes between which my pains came. At the time my husband was a student who was home getting ready to head out the door for his class, it became very apparent as I hung up the phone after talking to my Doctor we were headed for the hospital. Alta View Hospital was about a 25 minute drive as we were living up at the University of Utah...As we went outside to get in the car the rain really started to come down...cold, rainy and dark....and our car would not start...Lucky our friends were home and willing to let us use there car..

Off we went. My thoughts turned to the baby. Within a short period of time I would no longer be pregnant but would be holding a little treasure. As I tried to get comfortable in the car I felt the aches and pains of the flu coming on. Needless to say one of the longer drives in my life. I always felt better maybe even relieved to hear Dr. Hansen's calm reassuring voice...of all would be well. I encountered many complications which hindered my ability to deliver the baby, a very quick decision was made to start the prep for a C-section. I was not feeling well at this time but never felt anxious. I was excellent hands. Once the team had assembled for surgery they wheeled my off. The next thing I recall was the ah's from the team....and Dr. Hansen telling me she was gorgeous, healthy and came equipped with an amazing pair of lungs....

So entered Cori Ellen Schmidt into the world on Friday May 3, 1985. She was beautiful...olive flawless skin with jet black hair....she was amazing. She was born with a couple of minor complications so off to the neonatal nursery she was whisked.

Today we celebrate a milestone of 24 years...of amazing growth, development, personality plus, a contagious laugh and a zest for cooking and life. Cori came into this world almost knowing what her life's mission was. She is strong, yet filled with compassion for others, animals and especially grandmothers. She is willing to step outside her comfort zone to pursue her dreams. She will always be willing to stand for the right and for those who can't stand for themselves. She is a natural born leader...and a wonderful daughter, friend and companion.

When she was visiting last June her and I were walking through Scottsdale Fashion Mall when she suggested we window shop at the Tiffany store. As we walked in she asked the woman behind the counter if we could take a look at the heart bracelets...we laughed and tried on every last one...then in a very unexpected move...she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said..."Mom were are taking this heart bracelet home for you." I was stunned. She quickly looked at the woman helping us and said....she will wear is my card.... She then put her arm around me and said...."Thank you for everything mom...Brett and I love you!" A great moment for me...Thank you Cori...I have yet to take off that precious heart bracelet from you.

I am so blessed. I have enjoy every minute of those 24 years with Cori....some moments hard, some moments we disagreed, some we were at odds...most moments are filled with closeness, caring and love. We have shared many good time, great girl conversations and many great belly laughs.

Cori is on the same path I was on 25 years ago with her. She is starting her own family...there will be a little Albers who will come into this world set on making it a better place. A little soul who will be courageous, strong, filled with compassion, direction and determined to make life all it can extension of my daughter.....

Friday May 3, 1985 was a blessed day.....It was the day Cori came into my life.

Happy Birthday Cork a doo......


Mom, Ethan, Ky

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