Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heavy Hearts....

Tonight as I collect my thoughts, I am reminded how quickly life can and does change. Cori called..last Thursday morning, as I answered the call, I knew the instance she said ~Mom~ something was terribly wrong. In a split second I had played out every scary scenario in my mind as to what could be wrong. As she spoke, tears flooded my eyes, rolling down my cheeks splashing to the floor below me. She has lost the baby....I was numb. I could not get my heart let alone my ears around what she was saying to me. We cried together as she recounted the events of the past 7 days. My heart ached for her..Kylie was home with me. She quickly came into my room as she put the pieces of our conversation together. The tears came for all of us. My concern for Cori was not just of her loss, her heart was experiencing pain she had never know. I was also experiencing pain and a loss I had never felt. I was devastated. I was desperate to take this pain from Cori...and I was helpless to do so....What a yucky position to be in.....

As we talked about the events and the outcome of losing the baby, Cori was listing her blessings. Cori and Brett share more than a last name, check book and a postal address. These are two amazing young people who understand the difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary relationship where unconditional love, fidelity and communication are just three of their best traits. They understand the eternal perspective of love, life and family. Brett is so Prince Charming, he never misses an opportunity to express his love and devotion to Cori in word and deed. Cori is first to reciprocate his love and devotion, she also fills his life with so many little extras that make life so grand. They have rallied around each other...they are healing their heavy hearts and planning for their family. I am cheering them on...as are so many. My dear friends who have been such a part of Cori's life, reached out with phone calls and cards. What a blessing to have such a solid and unconditional support system.

As a parent I couldn't be more pleased with the choices of companions my children have made. Sunday evening Griffin and Jackie came over to make dinner. I so enjoy my time with them. I am so proud of the fine man Griffin is. Jackie is precious and has brought a new life to Griffin. Kylie is dating Evan...it's been so fun to watch their relationship blossom. I really appreciate Evan. Ethan is a chick magnate....and a wonderful young man. Its the best...to have great relationships with your kids and know they feel the same in wanting to build their relationships with me.

As we met on Sunday, my cup runneth over....I was smiling as I laid my head down taking an inventory of my amazing blessings. Griffin, Jackie, Cori, Brett, Kylie, Evan, Ethan and his friends. There are always going to be bumps in the road, thunder storms, grey sky's and bouts of adversity....and just on the other side is the rainbow...

Having the courage to walk directly into the path of the storm having the faith to know that just on the other side of that raging storm is a beautiful field of green and calm...and of course the Rainbow.. the constant reminder that God is ever present and more importantly He always keeps his promises.

We no longer feel that heaviness in our hearts. We are excited to see what the future holds. Cori continues to unpack and settle into her new home. She is still working to finish the baby's room. She knows she will blessed with children. She has great faith.

I am leaving for Missouri to spend a very long week end with Cori and Brett. I can't wait to take that little daughter of mine into my arms and give her BIG Loves...and Bigger Squeezes......we always play as we are getting ready to get off the phone...one of us will start with....I LOVE YOU MORE.....Followed by...THAT CAN'T BE I LOVE YOU MORE...this goes on for a couple of minutes...then concludes with I love you the very most.

Cori I am on the way.....keep the light on...see you Thursday.


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Wendy Noel said...

Hi Carla, i heard the news this afternoon about Cori and i am so sad! I am glad to hear they are doing so well and moving on. The loss is felt here too. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with her and Brett. give cori all my love.