Saturday, May 23, 2009

A lesson in Wisdom....

Friday morning Ethan had all 4 of his ~Wisdom~ teeth out. Prior to taking our seats in the dreaded waiting room, we were laughing almost to the point of tears...As we walked into Dr. Porters office a young woman who had just completed her procedure was escorted to her mother's car with gauze streaming out of her mouth...yet in a very humorous moment turned to give Ethan a big thumbs up as if to say...if I can survive this procedure so can you!.......we found humor in that very moment. So much so the entire office was laughing with us.

As we were waiting for his turn, we discussed in depth how silly is was to call these menacing teeth ~Wisdom Teeth~...what wisdom could or did they bring. The more Ethan argued his case the more I thought about Wisdom and the life lessons that help each of us in developing Wisdom in this life. As we talked...Ethan was more focused on the upcoming events of first laughing gas, needles, large gaping holes in the back of his mouth...I assured him...all would be well and the pain short lived.

Wednesday started as any other day...Early to rise, showers, breakfast, watching Cash Cab, dressing then out the door to school and work. Ethan woke up that morning concerned about a lingering soar throat and just feeling a bit under the weather. As the day progressed he felt worse. When he came to pick up my car at 3:30 he was running a slight fever but was still heading to work. I attended Emily Lewis and Brett Randall's wedding reception...GORGEOUS..and my word for the Newly wed Randall's is HOLLER! As I was driving home Ethan called me and told me he had come home early from work...Really not feeling well.

He jumped in the shower and I got some cold medicine ready for him. I heard him talking on the phone but didn't know who he was talking to. Ethan told me he had called the Bishop and asked him if he would come over and give him a blessing. What an amazing experience his blessing was for all of us. Much of the blessing spoke of the Stripling Warriors and the precision and exactness in which they learned and were taught obedience and to listen to their Mothers. Ethan was told his Heavenly Father loves him dearly and he is watched over constantly...and through his faith and obedience the Lord would heal him. When I think of the adversity of being a single parent....I see the great blessings that have come into my home through a loving Bishop, consistent home teachers and a host of friends who are so dear who live the gospel and set excellent examples for my kids. knowing the Lord has and will answer the righteous desires of my young son's heart to be his teeth can come out when scheduled. The Wisdom of a great Bishop who is constantly in touch with Ethan and Kylie understanding how limited family support is. Our dear friends who exercise their Wisdom in knowing its a visit or phone call will make all the difference in our lives that day. Wisdom in knowing we are never alone to face the challenges, heartache and trials that define who we really become...very much like a refiners fire.

I was so thankful for an amazing Bishop who understood that Ethan's request was timely and of the utmost importance to him. Bill Mellyn who is always right there to assist as well. That night as I knelt to express my gratitude..the tears came in complete free fall. The Lord had extended a much needed tender mercy...a miracle of a 17 year old boy who for the first time pick up the phone to enquire of the Lord through his Bishop.

As I held his hand while Dr. Porter administered the anesthetic and Ethan drifted off to sleep..I embraced the Wisdom I have acquired in past 10 years. What a privilege its been to raise my children. What sweet memories I will always hold dear of telephone calls, school projects, dances, friends, church activities, dates, just day to day living and those heartfelt late night conversations that become most treasured. Wisdom in looking back to see the hand of the Lord with me as a constant companion even when I thought I was alone. Wisdom in understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and the courage to change those patterns. Wisdom in enjoying the little things that make life so grand. Wisdom in knowing: When the voice and the vision on the inside, become more profound, and more clear and loud, than the opinions on the outside, you’ve mastered your life. — Dr John Demartini

It's amazing how 4 little teeth can have such an impact on our lives, our faith, prayers, gratitude, joy, bliss, unconditional love, communication and experiencing miracles....

When Ethan wakes up and is feeling better I will share with him my lesson in Wisdom.

My cup is overflowing....


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Brett and Em Randall said...

one word, Holler!!! Miss and love you!! cant wait to go shopping with you when we get back!!!! love you girl!