Monday, August 3, 2009


The past two weeks have been filled with simply amazing opportunities! I want to sum up my week with all of my kids being together! WONDERFUL! Griffin, Jackie, Cori, Brett, Kylie, Evan, Ethan, Jennifer and (me) :) spent a long week end up at the Westin resort in Scottsdale. The pool was relaxing, conversation memorable! (Yes...what went on up at the Westin...stays at the Westin....) Everyone had a great time especially getting to know Jackie and Evan better. We had Grampa and Grandma Mannes come up for lunch on Sunday...It was so great to have everyone together. Photo's to come.

I was floating down the lazy river contemplating the past 11 years...years of growth, change and acceptance... just like learning to go with the flow..It was so cool to watch my kids interact with each other as adults. The belly laughs of those "Growing Up Memories", what my kids thought they got away with...and what I always knew... hearing them talk of their dreams, goals and future families was precious. The time together was treasured. I am so grateful for my children and their companions..its hard to express the feelings of my heart when I think of how extraordinary each of my children are...The reward for surviving the "teenage" years is young adulthood...and that I can celebrate! We enjoyed time with Grampa and Gramdma Mannes, we had a great time at lunches, dinners and the movies...We did some entertaining with treasured friends....Cori was the center of the kitchen on those cooking occasions. She is such a talent...all we could say was YUMMY!

As I type this post I have just returned from having lunch with my dear friend Claudia who is recovering from breast cancer surgery. She looked absolutely radiant...she looked adorable in her blue and white pin striped pj' perfect Claudia style, her make-up and hair...Perfect. She shared her good news on her positive scans...her recovery will continue to be a test of faith and perserverance..the good news is...Claudia's cup is over flowing...she always looks for the silver everything. She is amazing. Please keep her in your prayers....

I am in a new season of my life....SO EXCITING..... more to follow...

"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others."
— Ghandi

Life with intensity and purpose!



Adam said...

so fun to spend time with all your kids and friends, you cant buy anything close to that weekend.

Brett and Em Randall said...

sorry i was on the computer at the office and someone else was logged on, that comment is by me!!!