Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Color of Love....

According to the definition of Love is:

1) a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2) a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a spouse, child, or friend.

As I ponder the phrases profoundly tender, passionate affection for another and deep personal attachment, I am fortunate I have experienced love on all three levels. How grateful I am for the blessing of motherhood. It's a good thing children don't come with instructions or a manual. How divine and wise is the plan of motherhood. Trial and error is the way we learn on the job. Yet we are equipped with enlarged hearts, eyes in the back of our heads, extra sensory hearing and the ability to love...unconditionally over and over.. The more love we give.. the more we get.

As women we are all unique in personality, appearance, abilities, gifts and talents. We are all similar in our uncanny ability to love, nurture, sacrifice and serve those we love. We all struggle with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, not being young enough, thin enough or beautiful enough....I often wonder why as women we choose to be competition with each other instead of being "friends"....Ladies we are extraordinary beings... and when we work towards the common good...collectively there is not a summit that can't be reached... We have the ability to heal that which is broken.. relationships, hearts, homes and communities.

I have been invited to work on a project that is my passion. I am going to spend this semester educating the young adults on campus to "Rethinking Personal Responsibility" on sex and accountability. Can you imagine what our communities would be like if there were no unplanned or unwanted pregnancies? What would our community look like if young women and men took pride in their appearance and choose to dress modestly? Can you imagine a future where young adults respect each other and no longer seek to engage in abusive or unhealthy relationships? I don't have unrealistic expectations of "saving the world", I understand how great the worth of "one" soul is. To help one work well done.

If the greatest need we all have is to be loved and accepted.. what would happen if each one of us made a conscious decision to love more, judge less and forgive others yet ask nothing in return? Out of small things... proceed that which is great.

If you ever wonder if one person can make a profound difference within our world... I would like to introduce Nancy Brinker, she is the sister of Susan G. Komen, she has taken on Breast Cancer and painted our world PINK.. has created a brand awareness,and a foundation that has impacted the way Cancer is researched and fought.. One woman with a passion, a cause and momentum will change the world and those around her every time.

The color of our skin will vary, we may come from different cultures and different parts of the world.. but the commonality we all share, are enlarged hearts and the ability to see the color of love around us...

My dear sisters... join with me...

~ You must be the change you want to see in the world.~
Mahatma Gandhi

I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Women supporting Women...

While the rains came and the winds were a howling... I was able to take a day off..from my normal I pampered myself... I slept in... which for me is a treat, a delicious feeling of self care and renewal. As I was waking up I could hear the rain laughing, falling and making the joyous sounds of free fall dropping from an angry dark I enjoy the sounds of the rain, my body was telling me a delightful herbal tea would be a nice addition to an already lazy day. I grabbed my robe and slippers and made my way to my kitchen... Once I was up and moving it was easy to start multitasking in making a little something to eat, while flipping on the dryer, folding clothes and taking a moment to sit down and enjoy the warmth of my tea cup between my hands. As I was sitting in my down filled chair with my feet up sipping my tea.... I reflected the great blessings of my life... I was sitting in my home which is beautiful, warm, clean, furnished in my "eclectic style" with smells of clove bud and cinnamon filling each room with warmth and fragrance. I have food to eat, clean clothes to wear, a hot shower that beckons me daily.. I am pursuing my dreams of completing my college education. I am in new season in my life, with only one child left at home, my life is filled with new opportunities that are now within my reach.

As I watch the TV coverage of Haiti.. my heart is heavy, I watch the video coverage, still photo's, I hear miraculous stories of survival, new life, perseverance and compassion. My heart is sick as I have watch those who have died, lining the streets, images of mass graves, little ones who's lives were cut short. I read about Sandra Bullock, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DeCaprio giving so generously. I watch and hear of George Clooney organizing a Tele-thon to raise money and awareness to the enormous need of those suffering in Haiti. I wonder why this level of humanitarian effort is not felt everyday in our country, let along our communities.

With unemployment levels staggering in our own back yard, many I personally know are losing their homes as they struggle with financial ruin, marriages crumbling, broken hearts, shattered dreams, a feeling of complete and utter loss. As I talk to those who's lives are being profoundly changed... I feel there is much we all can do to lighten the emotional, financial and spiritual loads are sisters carry. Can you imagine a community where everyone of us works collectively to enhance the lives of those around us. Women helping women.. working together in a spirit of accomplishment not competition... We as sisters can change the landscapes of our communities. I am a firm believer of the power of one... teamed with the power of others makes for a strong unbroken chain of women who not only love each other, they love their families, love and serve in their respective communities, understand the profound nature of unconditional acceptance, love and service.

Just think...right inside the walls of our own homes, outside our front doors there are endless opportunities for us to make a difference every day... In an individual way... Once small act of kindness, love, charity can and will change the lives of those around us...

This week I challenge you.... Go ahead and make someones day... Smile, interact with your families, friends, neighbors, engage in random acts of kindness for those who you don't know, who really are in great need....

I understand the power of the little things! Go and report back! Share your experiences... Power in motion!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Flutter + Excitement = Great Expectations!

Cori called me Saturday night and said..., "Hey mom, I think I just felt the baby move!" she said... it felt like "Flutter".. I can't even begin to express how treasured our conversation was... My beautiful daughter is expecting a baby of her very own. To hear the excitement in her voice, brought back such sweet memories of my own... Cori has been very sick, but always optimistic. We touch base about everyday to talk about how she is feeling, colors for her nursery, names for the baby... and of course... the big question.... Will she have a boy or girl? A baby shower is being planned in Arizona... we are all looking forward to seeing Cori and celebrating with her! It's a season of miracles...

My heart is I count my many blessings. We gathered this past week.. Tuesday evening... January celebrate another milestone! Kylie turned 21. It's hard to imagine I have three children well into their 20's.... Yikes... It was so fun to see Kylie with her cute girlfriends... Kim who was so willing to help me, She has been such a good friend of Kylie's. Griffin, Jackie, Ethan, Emily, Brett, Erin, Kelsey, Hannah, Lee, Evan and others gathered to share great pizza, Sugarmama's Cupcakes, stories, laughter and celebrate her advancement into adulthood. ...It was so great. Last Friday night.. Kylie and I had a chance to spend some quite time really touching base. I am so proud of the gorgeous young woman she has become. I admire her faith, goodness and optimism. Moving in with roommates has been a great experience.. It's been fun to watch her decorate her apartment and really enjoy creating her own space.

It's just Ethan and I.... Ethan is about to turn 18... he will be graduating from High School in a few months... hard to believe... I have successfully raised my 4 children.... BRAVO! and the best part is... Griffin, Cori, Kylie and Ethan are all incredibly nice human beings... each believing they have the ability to change the world!!! How great my joy is.. when I look at my children, how humbled I am to know I have had an influence in their lives. How blessed I am to have such good relationships with each of them.

Spring semester starts for me in the morning. I am thrilled and ready to learn many new things... I am so blessed to have this opportunity to be back in school.

Thank you dear Lord...for your watchful eye, unconditional love, unwavering inspiration and entrusting me with motherhood. I am proud to report.. I have chosen to develop my many talents and gifts... I am making good use of my time here on earth.. I am making a difference... I love you dear Lord and express my profound gratitude for every one of my blessings!

with love...


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Oh my time does fly by....This year I enjoyed "the holidays" more than anytime I can remember. December is such a magical time..each day was filled with wonder, opportunities to serve and time spent with my children. Kylie and I spent an evening baking cookies, talking about life, love and possibilities...Ethan and I spent an early morning shopping which concluded with breakfast at Starbucks. As we sat there talking about the many things we were going to accomplish...I looked at him and said come Ethan we need to go.... Ethan is an old gentle soul... he looked at me and reached across the table to hold my hand and said..."Mom, everything else can wait... can you and I just take a moment." I stopped my self...and decided to hop back into that precious moment.. just he and I. As a mortal... I am not sure just how many roll over minutes I signed up for in my heavenly package... I do know there are moments and then there are "Cherished" moments. I was in that divine realm of "Cherished" moments. Ethan and I did take that moment to talk about relationships, life, dreams and the future... Had his wisdom not interceded on my busy behalf...I would have missed a treasured opportunity.

I spent time with my most cherish friends. My dearest friend just happened to be in town over my birthday week end... we had an amazing time... it's hard to image 25 years as passed since we first met. Laura is more than a friend... she is my soul mate sister. Her belief in my abilities, support not only to me and my children has been unconditional and always based on love. I am so blessed. My dear friend Debbie opened her home to host a birthday party for me, she is amazing. Not only is she a fabulous hostess she also has provided a foundation of love, friendship and advice for me and my kids. My dear friend Terri is always there to help... My dear friend Stephanie and Marty came to my rescue as my car needed repairs..they immediately contacted me to let me know I could use their truck as long as needed. Not only have the Kurtz family been great friends.... they have also become family. Marty and Stephanie have both been a profound influence in Ethan's life. The Lord has greatly blessed our family this past year with new friends. My dear friend Karen... it's hard to express the fun and connection I feel for her. She is amazing. We had the great opportunity to enjoy many evenings together... we love movies.. and we laugh out loud.

Christmas Eve my mom and I were busy wrapping presents, baking and taking time out to watch favorite Christmas Movies.... My parents had a great time and we loved have them.... Kylie, Evan, Ethan and I decided to take in a late movie Christmas Eve.. We saw the Blind Side... Excellent...If you ever wondered if love can change lives... go to see the movie.

Christmas day was spent with Griffin and Jackie joining the rest of us... we had a great time. It's hard to express my feelings about my children. I am so very proud of the incredibly nice people they are... They love and respect each other..enjoy the time they are able to spend together. It's a blessing to have great communication with each and every one of them. It was a day I will ponder in my heart....

Cori and Brett were unable to join us... they spent Christmas in St. Louis with Greg and Ann. Ann had made special arraingments for Cori to have an Ultrasound done while she was there. Cori actually text messaged the three dimensional scans to me.. it was truly amazing. Cori and Brett will be here in the next month to thaw out... and Cori is just starting to feel better. It was very emotional for me as I heard her telling me how amazing it was to see their baby.... she will make an good mommy... It's so fun to hear the excitement in both her and Brett's voice.

My life continues to be richly blessed... My children are healthy, happy and accomplishing their dreams. Cori will become a mommy for the first time. Ethan will graduate from high school..My nest is growing smaller...yet my family is enlarging all the time... My schooling has been such a blessing and great opportunity. I am meeting very interesting people and learning so many new things.

Happy New Year to all!