Monday, January 18, 2010

Flutter + Excitement = Great Expectations!

Cori called me Saturday night and said..., "Hey mom, I think I just felt the baby move!" she said... it felt like "Flutter".. I can't even begin to express how treasured our conversation was... My beautiful daughter is expecting a baby of her very own. To hear the excitement in her voice, brought back such sweet memories of my own... Cori has been very sick, but always optimistic. We touch base about everyday to talk about how she is feeling, colors for her nursery, names for the baby... and of course... the big question.... Will she have a boy or girl? A baby shower is being planned in Arizona... we are all looking forward to seeing Cori and celebrating with her! It's a season of miracles...

My heart is I count my many blessings. We gathered this past week.. Tuesday evening... January celebrate another milestone! Kylie turned 21. It's hard to imagine I have three children well into their 20's.... Yikes... It was so fun to see Kylie with her cute girlfriends... Kim who was so willing to help me, She has been such a good friend of Kylie's. Griffin, Jackie, Ethan, Emily, Brett, Erin, Kelsey, Hannah, Lee, Evan and others gathered to share great pizza, Sugarmama's Cupcakes, stories, laughter and celebrate her advancement into adulthood. ...It was so great. Last Friday night.. Kylie and I had a chance to spend some quite time really touching base. I am so proud of the gorgeous young woman she has become. I admire her faith, goodness and optimism. Moving in with roommates has been a great experience.. It's been fun to watch her decorate her apartment and really enjoy creating her own space.

It's just Ethan and I.... Ethan is about to turn 18... he will be graduating from High School in a few months... hard to believe... I have successfully raised my 4 children.... BRAVO! and the best part is... Griffin, Cori, Kylie and Ethan are all incredibly nice human beings... each believing they have the ability to change the world!!! How great my joy is.. when I look at my children, how humbled I am to know I have had an influence in their lives. How blessed I am to have such good relationships with each of them.

Spring semester starts for me in the morning. I am thrilled and ready to learn many new things... I am so blessed to have this opportunity to be back in school.

Thank you dear Lord...for your watchful eye, unconditional love, unwavering inspiration and entrusting me with motherhood. I am proud to report.. I have chosen to develop my many talents and gifts... I am making good use of my time here on earth.. I am making a difference... I love you dear Lord and express my profound gratitude for every one of my blessings!

with love...


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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter! How exciting! :)