Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Oh my time does fly by....This year I enjoyed "the holidays" more than anytime I can remember. December is such a magical time..each day was filled with wonder, opportunities to serve and time spent with my children. Kylie and I spent an evening baking cookies, talking about life, love and possibilities...Ethan and I spent an early morning shopping which concluded with breakfast at Starbucks. As we sat there talking about the many things we were going to accomplish...I looked at him and said come Ethan we need to go.... Ethan is an old gentle soul... he looked at me and reached across the table to hold my hand and said..."Mom, everything else can wait... can you and I just take a moment." I stopped my self...and decided to hop back into that precious moment.. just he and I. As a mortal... I am not sure just how many roll over minutes I signed up for in my heavenly package... I do know there are moments and then there are "Cherished" moments. I was in that divine realm of "Cherished" moments. Ethan and I did take that moment to talk about relationships, life, dreams and the future... Had his wisdom not interceded on my busy behalf...I would have missed a treasured opportunity.

I spent time with my most cherish friends. My dearest friend just happened to be in town over my birthday week end... we had an amazing time... it's hard to image 25 years as passed since we first met. Laura is more than a friend... she is my soul mate sister. Her belief in my abilities, support not only to me and my children has been unconditional and always based on love. I am so blessed. My dear friend Debbie opened her home to host a birthday party for me, she is amazing. Not only is she a fabulous hostess she also has provided a foundation of love, friendship and advice for me and my kids. My dear friend Terri is always there to help... My dear friend Stephanie and Marty came to my rescue as my car needed repairs..they immediately contacted me to let me know I could use their truck as long as needed. Not only have the Kurtz family been great friends.... they have also become family. Marty and Stephanie have both been a profound influence in Ethan's life. The Lord has greatly blessed our family this past year with new friends. My dear friend Karen... it's hard to express the fun and connection I feel for her. She is amazing. We had the great opportunity to enjoy many evenings together... we love movies.. and we laugh out loud.

Christmas Eve my mom and I were busy wrapping presents, baking and taking time out to watch favorite Christmas Movies.... My parents had a great time and we loved have them.... Kylie, Evan, Ethan and I decided to take in a late movie Christmas Eve.. We saw the Blind Side... Excellent...If you ever wondered if love can change lives... go to see the movie.

Christmas day was spent with Griffin and Jackie joining the rest of us... we had a great time. It's hard to express my feelings about my children. I am so very proud of the incredibly nice people they are... They love and respect each other..enjoy the time they are able to spend together. It's a blessing to have great communication with each and every one of them. It was a day I will ponder in my heart....

Cori and Brett were unable to join us... they spent Christmas in St. Louis with Greg and Ann. Ann had made special arraingments for Cori to have an Ultrasound done while she was there. Cori actually text messaged the three dimensional scans to me.. it was truly amazing. Cori and Brett will be here in the next month to thaw out... and Cori is just starting to feel better. It was very emotional for me as I heard her telling me how amazing it was to see their baby.... she will make an good mommy... It's so fun to hear the excitement in both her and Brett's voice.

My life continues to be richly blessed... My children are healthy, happy and accomplishing their dreams. Cori will become a mommy for the first time. Ethan will graduate from high school..My nest is growing smaller...yet my family is enlarging all the time... My schooling has been such a blessing and great opportunity. I am meeting very interesting people and learning so many new things.

Happy New Year to all!


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