Monday, February 1, 2010

To Save A Life....

On the recommendation of a friend I went to see the movie "To Save A Life". It is an incredible journey of a young man, Jake Taylor who finds his life at a crossroads after a tragic turn of events. He has everything, is everything and is heading to college on a full ride scholarship. The movie realistically depicts every difficult "peer pressured" decision high school kids are living with and making. Drinking, Drugs, Unprotected Sex, Popularity and the Pressure to Exclude others, Teen Suicide, Cutting, Divorce of parents, Pressure of college plans, Unplanned pregnancy, Abortion, Adoption and finding room for God.


Most of us have experienced glimpses of Jake Taylor in our own lives. Having friends, maybe being popular, facing temptations of "peer pressure", drinking, drugs, sex, feelings inadequacy..not feeling thin enough, pretty enough, not having a boyfriend, feeling like you just don't fit. Feelings of why I am here? Why do I hurt? What's in it for me?

Life becomes most difficult when we feel like no one cares or understands.

Life presents us many new opportunities and challenges every day, that is no coincidence.. Our lot in life is one of constant learning, growing and evolving into the best people we can be.

We may never be called up to save the masses... But may I suggest, saving just one life certainly changes the outcome of future generations. When we no longer feel our voice is the only one that matters, we cease to have to be right, when there is no longer room for criticizing, gossiping and exuding others ... Then the life line of love, acceptance, forgiveness, reconciling and healing lifts us out of the depths of despair.


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Brett and Emily said...

brett and i will have to go see this! love this post. we have all been saved and hopefully take part in helping someone else out.