Wednesday, March 31, 2010

While you were sleeping.....

I had the opportunity last night to stop in and briefly visit a friend who's son was in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident almost 4 weeks ago. Although we had communicated via face book a little bit, I hadn't had the opportunity to see her in person and give her a big hug, look into her eyes and let her know how much I love her. My friend Laurie is amazing. It's hard to describe her faith, courage and determination. Her world came to a stand still about 10 years ago as her beloved husband battled cancer and lost. Her faith never wavered, if anything she has become more reliant on the Lord. She decided to leaved California and most closer to her family in Arizona. Her story is compelling and her experiences have been challenging, yet she has never lost her faith or way. She is gracious, kind and witty. She is always one to open her home and have the "girls" over.

In true Laurie fashion, when the news of the accident broke, Laurie did what she does best. She turned to the Lord and asked her family and friends to pray... and then to pray specifically to heal his brain injury. She flew to Utah and spent the next 2 weeks by his side. Praying, Fasting and Believing.

The prognosis was grim, yet Laurie never doubted the tender mercies that continued to flow.. She thanked the Lord and continued to call upon him.. very specifically.

As Michael endured multiple surgeries, the days pass into weeks and his body started to heal. It's his brain injury that remains the most significant hurdle. Laurie continues to pray for a miracle.. she is optimistic that may just happen.

Then... a ray of hope... his being able to breathe on his own... a huge hurdle and significant improvement.. One day Michael will understand the faith, courage and perseverance his mother has developed. One day he will hear of the fasting, prayers and blessings on his behalf.. While he was sleeping.

I was thinking about life.. and what goes on behind the scenes while we are sleeping.. it's almost as if... there is a sky filled with little angels who arrive during the night to answer each prayer individually. Prayers for our families, for friends, for neighbors.. prayers for safety, good health, employment opportunities and peace. Prayers for healing, forgiveness, understanding and overcoming adversity. Prayers for change and personal growth.. Prayers to connect with God, to feel his divine presence in our lives.

Laurie and I shared a smile and laugh as we both said.. I wonder what he has been doing while he's been sleeping...

As for Laurie, she is amazing. Her unrelenting faith and courage have sustained her, while serving as a constant reminder to each of us.. That miracles do happen and are just a prayer away.. her deep abiding faith in "Eternal Families" gives her the comfort in knowing.. she has family just on the other side of the veil who are also pulling for Michael and his speedy recovery.

It's a good day to give thanks.... for life, health, love and yes... opportunities to grow..Thank you dear Lord... for keeping watch... "while we are sleeping".

Infinite Blessings