Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day ..

It has been a wonderful day. I wanted to capture my thoughts and feelings as I am sitting in my office and my house is quiet. My adventures in Motherhood have span 27 years. There are so many thoughts, feelings and experiences that my heart is full. My children are such a gift. When Greg and I started our life together many years ago we both shared an love of children and a want to start our own family. It's hard to share the feelings of love I have for each of my children. I am so proud of each of them. Each one brings a unique dimension of love and inspiration into my life. A reward of Motherhood.... enjoying the fruits of my labors...Watching my children grow into absolutely amazing adults who are great friends in turn. They love each other, support each other, stay in close touch and really enjoy the time they have to spend together. As I spoke to Cori this afternoon, I smiled as I thought within a few short weeks she will also start her journey as a new mother.. Her role of a lifetime. Cori will make an exceptional mother. To hear the excitement in her voice touches me to my very core. I will take on the role of "Grand".... still working on that part... but grand it shall be.

To celebrate my mother, we had her come to breakfast yesterday. I made some of her favorite things, had a few of her favorite magazines to read and we watched a movie. My mom is an extraordinary woman.. Her legacy will be her service to others. I appreciate the great example she set for me. We shared some funny jokes and stories and then she decided she was ready to go home. Our stop included "Sonic" for her beloved "Lime Ricky" a simple thing which means so much to her. Learning to stop and enjoy the simple things is one of the greatest gifts of life. Life is to short not to. I am grateful for the memories of my mother I have that I will always cherish.

It's a great time in my life, as I transition from "hands on mom" to grown children living their own lives...This morning Griffin and Jackie invited us to brunch, Lisa, Jackie's mom also joined us. Brunch was delish.. the conversation was outstanding and sitting on the porch enjoying the moment was timeless. Spending time with my kids is time well spent. I love their positive energy.. I love to hear them laugh and reminisce about growing up... I love to hear them talk of the future, their families and the incredible opportunities that await them. I smile and catalog their expressions and the sounds of their laughter.. I hold them close when we hug and always tell them how much I love them. Being a mother has been the role of my life. I have succeeded in raising four of the most amazing children. A job well done.. the measure of my success is evident through the relationships we have built together. We as a family have learned to communicate through the hard times, develop a deep abiding respect for each other never resorting to undermining with criticism or sarcasm. We are not in competition with each other rather a cohesive family unit who love, encourage and completely support one another.

Today as memories flooded my mind, the constant theme of my thoughts was... How profoundly blessed and watched over I have been. The Lord has been so good to me and my children. The past few weeks have been extraordinary with the people who have come into my life and the experiences I have had. I understand the power of surrounding myself with positive and inspiring people who support my dreams. I understand the power of intention and it's role in assisting me in creating the life I know is within my reach. Dreams really do come true...

Happy Mother's Day!

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