Monday, May 17, 2010

When you follow your Bliss..........

life becomes an extraordinary journey. I have become more aware of the "why's" and less concerned with the "how's". There is no question this past semester has been incredible and the opportunities I have had the chance to experience are only the beginning. Meeting Tom Nazario was the opportunity of a lifetime. His story caught my attention late one Saturday night in late January, while I was watching channel 8.. the educational channel... The documentary "Road Trip" nation caught my eye, but when I saw Tom and heard his voice, I knew our paths would cross and they did. His visit to Phoenix April 21-22 was amazing. It's hard to describe Tom. He is soft spoken yet dynamic, he is generous with his time, yet focused on his goals. His love for the forgotten people of the world is genuine and compelling. His personal story is one of persistence and courage. The story of his life parallels those he passionately serves. We are friends most likely old souls.. He has invited Laura and I to be his guests to meet the Dali Lama in October in San Francisco. I am in the process of getting my passport renewed so I can travel to India next summer..

The second highlight was being invited to a VIP event with Dr. Jill Biden, Bob Schireman the under secretary of the Dept of Education, President Crow from ASU and countless other dignitaries. The evening was spectacular! We met at the home of Sandra Day O'Connor which is now a historical site. Dr. Biden's passion is education, the value of the community college and keeping students on tract to complete their educations. Jill Biden is a lovely person, with smarts and class. I enjoyed our private conversation.. My passion is opening up opportunities for women my age to go back to school and embrace the wonder of education. It's never to late to set an educational goal and enjoy success. I made new friends..and the experience was life changing. Jill told me how important my story is.. where there is hope and determination there will be success and prosperity.

It's amazing how the greatest challenges I have faced have transformed my life into the greatest achievements I could experience. I am so proud of my children. They are all unique, talented and incredible. Having the opportunity to raise them alone has been the greatest privilege of my life. I have been blessed with great friends who are like extended family and love my children. It's not always been easy, it's always been worth it. Watching them grow into really nice and accomplished young adults is beyond rewarding. Learning to love them unconditionally has been priceless. I am so grateful my children have been blessed with the gifts of unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion and wonder. They are my greatest inspiration and they believe in me and my abilities to accomplish my dreams.

The times in my life when I have held on to tight, were the times I needed to let go sooner. Living an unfulfilled live is easy.... having the courage to commit to my dreams has changed me life. Leaving the safety net of a miserable existence was just the first layer. Learning to love myself from the inside out, accepting my gifts and talents and choosing my path have all been a huge part of my self discovery. All in all.... my results are amazing. I feel completely alive following my bliss.

Today exercise your courage.. it's OK to be unique, be who you are, if your not sure, spend quality time with yourself. Invest in you. Follow your bliss with intensity and purpose.

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