Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friendship a Treasured Trust.....

Brett, Cori and Little Miss Henli arrived in Sioux Falls on Wednesday to spend time introducing family and friends to Henli. Going back to Sioux Falls to spend time with the Albers family, dear friends and their Hy Vee family was a sacred time for Cori and Brett. Having both grown up in Sioux Falls, it always feels like going home. Cori called me this morning to tell me she had forgotten to tell me that Christy reads my blog, which in turn gave me the inspiration to sit down to night and blog. Thank you Christy!

It's been an extraordinary experience watching Cori embrace motherhood. Her constant care of sweet Henli is precious to watch. Cori and I talk several times during the course of the day. Everyday she sends me a new picture and we laugh about what is going on at that time. Cori is learning some days are better than others. Henli is happy some days and fussy the next. Cori has learned Henli's cries from being hungry, to mad, to just wanting to be heard. Brett is such a good daddy. The hours of sleep he has sacrificed, to be the lucky one to spend time with Henli all night is sweet. He loves and takes such good care of his girls. As a mother in law... it doesn't get any better than Brett... He is an amazing man.

Cori's return home was also a time for great reflection and greater realization. Cori has always been blessed with great friends and she herself has always been a great friend. Cori had the opportunity this past week to really experience true friendships and a greater opportunity to let go of relationships that no longer serve her well. It's difficult at any age to come to the realization that some friendships simply fade way, yet exciting to dust off other friendships which in the end are more treasured and enduring. Cori had a wonderful time enjoying the company of many 'treasured friends' and came away with a greater appreciation for those friends who have always been there.

Ethan went to San Diego with Griffin and Jackie. I am so grateful that my boys really enjoy spending so much time together. I really appreciate how Griffin is a big brother, a friend, a mentor, a protector and a great influence for Ethan. I love Jackie. She is a gem. It's fun to be around her and her family. We always have such a good time.

Kylie and I finished up summer school. We took a class together this summer, Philosophy 101.. It was a great experience. Fall semester we also have a class together... How fun... She has a good friend returning from the Dominican Republic in the next 2 weeks. It will be nice to have Jesse home.

I finished up my summer semester with a 4.0, one step closer to ASU and achieving my dream. I love school and have been blessed with such great opportunities to get involved. I am working on some incredible projects. This fall will be very busy.. but I am ready. My educational path is very clear and I am very determined. This semester I am on a full scholarship my original goal was to be on a full scholarship when entering ASU I hit this goal a year early! My hard work, excellent academic achievement and campus involvement has not gone unnoticed by faculty. It's amazing to look back and see what I have accomplished there is so much opportunity. I couldn't have come this far without the constant encouragement and support of Griffin, Jackie, Brett, Cori, Kylie, Laura and Terri. The list of friends who support me is long and treasured.

I have Nana duty this upcoming week! Cori asked me if I would come back and take care of Henli for a couple of days while she is at a meeting.... and I said YES! I will have another week back with Brett, Cori and Henli. Kylie is coming with me... we will have a blast... Nothing better or more magical than holding little Henli, experiencing a grand baby is by far one of the most rewarding experiences ever....

Life is about uncovering the treasures that await each of us. Cori I am so proud of you... Griffin... I am so proud of you... Kylie I am so proud of you... Ethan I am so proud of you! It takes courage to live an authentic life and stand firm for what you believe in. I am so proud of each of you for your character and integrity..

Dust yourself off, get back on the horse, return to the field, what ever you have to do: Life with Intensity and Purpose!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Henli Grace Albers, June 21, 2010

Nine long months had finally passed. There were many discouraging moments of sickness, driving to doctor visits, dehydration and all around misery. There were moments of great joy, when the sickness subsided, hearing a tiny heartbeat and feeling flutters and movement for the first time. The last few weeks were difficult, sleepless nights, swollen feet and the anticipation of Henli's arrival.

On June 21, 2010 we all woke up early and headed for St. Joseph's Heartland Hospital. It was a gorgeous morning, clear blue skies, lush green rolling fields and a light mist hovering over Maryville. The drive would take 30 minutes. Cori was quiet, I understand her thoughts, concerns and excitement, I have been there. Having the opportunity to spend the week prior to Henli's arrival with Cori was special. Kylie and I had talked about this for months. Today we were going to have the precious experience of helping bring Henli into the world.

Once we arrived at the hospital, Cori checked in and was assigned a room. Once she was changed, her nurse came into to introduce himself and explain what was going to happen as they started her IV's.

It was hard to watch Cori has her pains and labor grew more intense. Cori is a strong women, she never complained about anything. Brett was such a great support for her. The two make such a great team. Within 6 hours Henli would arrive.

At 3:14 pm Miss Henli Grace Albers arrived. She was healthy, strong and letting the us know, she wasn't happy with being cold, the glare of the bright lights and being weighed and measured. The experience of being in the room with Cori, Brett, Kylie and the hospital staff was the most incredible experience to date. There are no words to describe how spiritual and profound holding your precious new grand baby is. Hearing her first cry, watching to see her parents respond and her mommy knowing exactly what she needs is amazing.

One of the great privileges of my life was to be present for Henli's birth. To watch my daughter bond with her little daughter is extraordinary. The feeling of passing the baton of motherhood to your daughter and knowing she has prepared herself well is one of the greatest blessings of my life. Watching Kylie hold little Henli as tears rolled down her face. Monday June 21, 2010 was extraordinary.

Cori also had the support of her dad, Greg and his wife Ann and her sister Grace. It was so nice to have them drive over and share this special day with Brett, Cori and Henli. Greg and I had the opportunity to reflect back on Cori's short 25 years on the planet and share treasured moments. Ann has been such a good mother to Cori as well. Cori has a very special love for Ann. It was so nice to all be there sharing in this special time.

A new baby who comes from heaven above, with hope, love and promise. Her sweet little spirit drew every one of us in. There were not enough minutes in the day to hold her. We all took turns in changing, burping, walking, rocking, loving, kissing, holding and admiring Miss Henli. We all laughed when she stretched and smiled. We all admired her dimples, blue eyes and itty bitty long fingers. Henli captivated everyone of us. Just her presence brings warmth, love and unity.

Kylie and I also had the great opportunity to spend time with Brett's parents. We so enjoyed our week end with them. Deb and Lloyd are two of the finest people on the planet.. Brett and Cori are so blessed to have such good supportive family so close. Griffin, Jackie and Ethan called daily for their updates, new photo's and video clips to hear Henli's little voice. After calling the boys after Henli's birth, I called Laura and we shared another milestone in our 30 year friendship. There have been many hard times and many more good times... Laura and I have shared, births of our own children, engagements, weddings, baby showers and now the birth of Henli. Debbie another cherished friend was one of the first to share in my good news. My dear friend Karen provided a buddy passes for Kylie and I to fly on. Karen was so helpful and joyful as I shared our great news. I heard from so many dear friends who are already grandparents... so they understand what a great 'club' I have entered into. Griffin and Ethan asked me if it was strange to be called 'grama'.... No I told them... it's wonderful. I also asked my children if they would multiply and replenish my earth... I could get really used to lots of grandchildren....

As I have pondered my life, the amazing children and opportunities I have been blessed with, I can only credit my father in heaven. Thank you dear Lord for your continued watch over my little flock, the infinite blessings I enjoy every day, the close relationships I cherish with my children, my dear friends, health, strength, the opportunity to complete my education, meeting the right people at the right time... Understanding my divine purpose. My heart is overflowing. I am so blessed.

Griffin, Jackie, Cori, Brett, Henli, Kylie and Ethan...Thank you for your love, unconditional support and inspiration... Together we have it all.

I love you all Mom....