Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friendship a Treasured Trust.....

Brett, Cori and Little Miss Henli arrived in Sioux Falls on Wednesday to spend time introducing family and friends to Henli. Going back to Sioux Falls to spend time with the Albers family, dear friends and their Hy Vee family was a sacred time for Cori and Brett. Having both grown up in Sioux Falls, it always feels like going home. Cori called me this morning to tell me she had forgotten to tell me that Christy reads my blog, which in turn gave me the inspiration to sit down to night and blog. Thank you Christy!

It's been an extraordinary experience watching Cori embrace motherhood. Her constant care of sweet Henli is precious to watch. Cori and I talk several times during the course of the day. Everyday she sends me a new picture and we laugh about what is going on at that time. Cori is learning some days are better than others. Henli is happy some days and fussy the next. Cori has learned Henli's cries from being hungry, to mad, to just wanting to be heard. Brett is such a good daddy. The hours of sleep he has sacrificed, to be the lucky one to spend time with Henli all night is sweet. He loves and takes such good care of his girls. As a mother in law... it doesn't get any better than Brett... He is an amazing man.

Cori's return home was also a time for great reflection and greater realization. Cori has always been blessed with great friends and she herself has always been a great friend. Cori had the opportunity this past week to really experience true friendships and a greater opportunity to let go of relationships that no longer serve her well. It's difficult at any age to come to the realization that some friendships simply fade way, yet exciting to dust off other friendships which in the end are more treasured and enduring. Cori had a wonderful time enjoying the company of many 'treasured friends' and came away with a greater appreciation for those friends who have always been there.

Ethan went to San Diego with Griffin and Jackie. I am so grateful that my boys really enjoy spending so much time together. I really appreciate how Griffin is a big brother, a friend, a mentor, a protector and a great influence for Ethan. I love Jackie. She is a gem. It's fun to be around her and her family. We always have such a good time.

Kylie and I finished up summer school. We took a class together this summer, Philosophy 101.. It was a great experience. Fall semester we also have a class together... How fun... She has a good friend returning from the Dominican Republic in the next 2 weeks. It will be nice to have Jesse home.

I finished up my summer semester with a 4.0, one step closer to ASU and achieving my dream. I love school and have been blessed with such great opportunities to get involved. I am working on some incredible projects. This fall will be very busy.. but I am ready. My educational path is very clear and I am very determined. This semester I am on a full scholarship my original goal was to be on a full scholarship when entering ASU I hit this goal a year early! My hard work, excellent academic achievement and campus involvement has not gone unnoticed by faculty. It's amazing to look back and see what I have accomplished there is so much opportunity. I couldn't have come this far without the constant encouragement and support of Griffin, Jackie, Brett, Cori, Kylie, Laura and Terri. The list of friends who support me is long and treasured.

I have Nana duty this upcoming week! Cori asked me if I would come back and take care of Henli for a couple of days while she is at a meeting.... and I said YES! I will have another week back with Brett, Cori and Henli. Kylie is coming with me... we will have a blast... Nothing better or more magical than holding little Henli, experiencing a grand baby is by far one of the most rewarding experiences ever....

Life is about uncovering the treasures that await each of us. Cori I am so proud of you... Griffin... I am so proud of you... Kylie I am so proud of you... Ethan I am so proud of you! It takes courage to live an authentic life and stand firm for what you believe in. I am so proud of each of you for your character and integrity..

Dust yourself off, get back on the horse, return to the field, what ever you have to do: Life with Intensity and Purpose!


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